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Our fresh meats are hand cut from the carcass with no additives, but some of our more popular every day preparations, like kebabs and sausages have flavourings and additives. If you are concerned at all, please call us to ask, however we have included our most popular every day ‘gluten free’ products here for your […]

Gammon & Bacon

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One of the biggest advantages of shopping for meat from your local butchers is that we can help advise you of which cuts of meat are best suited to your meal plan! Special Offers Burgers and Mince Stews, Casseroles and Slow Cooker Meats Roasting Joints Steaks … or check out our Meat boxes


Offers …or check out our meat boxes


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Traditional Christmas Fayre We’ve put together a selection of items which you can purchase individually, or for great value, why not take a look at our frozen meat box selection packs? Click here Are you thinking about planning a slightly different Christmas experience with the family this year? We have a great selection of BBQ […]