Kings Family Butchers

Traditional Christmas Fayre

We’ve put together a selection of items which you can purchase individually, or for great value, why not take a look at our frozen meat box selection packs?

Are you thinking about planning a slightly different Christmas experience with the family this year?

We have a great selection of BBQ meats, and we can even supply the charcoal so that while, ‘different’ your family can enjoy a fun and memorable Christmas together, whichever way the rules might change.

Our best selling products

Due to restrictions in the on-line shopping system, we have set the price to demonstrate all items as units of 250g (except where items are listed as a pack price). Where items are not practical to sell in such small units, such as whole ribs or roasting joints, we have marked these lower weight units as ‘out of stock’.

Please call us if in any doubt, but most items labelled out of stock at 250g or 500g are available at 1kg + quantity.