Versatile chicken

Chicken is a very versatile meat that’s popular all year round but the light delicate flavour of breast meat is especially enjoyable through the Spring and Summer months.

We supply our chicken from Diaper Poultry in Stowmarket, Suffolk. The “St. George’s Chicken” label are barn raised chickens who enjoy a higher welfare standard than more intensively reared birds you might find in supermarket shelves, being kept in smaller flocks with perching and natural periods of darkness, and you can really taste the difference in the quality of our meat.

Chicken breast is the most popular cut from a chicken and lends itself to many quick to cook recipes. Even simply rubbing a chicken fillet with a crumbled stock cube and pan frying in a little olive oil with garlic and rosemary results in a super tasty meal that’s ready in minutes.

Chicken legs and thighs are a more robust meat that can take longer cooking periods for stronger and more depthy flavours.  They’re especially great for casseroles and slow cooker recipes, and bbq cooking too.

What’s your favourite Chicken recipe?

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